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Of course you can also repair old equipment, but all parts subject to wear are the same age, the chance that a similar part will fail after a repair is very high. That is why at JPE we only do full revisions, so all outdated parts are replaced. Since there are nowadays much better components for sale than at the time, we also carry out a number of adjustments during the revision where it makes sense. Think of increasing the capacity of capacitors. To illustrate, all Quad equipment that we revise is at least 20 years old, the lifespan of a good electrolytic capacitor is around 10 years ……


Revision is therefore always the start of our work, but the Quad equipment is ideally suited for modifications, for example, adjustments that are needed for connecting modern signal sources such as CD players, DACs and Streamers. Sources that simply did not exist at the time of most Quad designs. Modern speakers also place different demands on the power amplifiers. Impedances of 1 ohm are no longer exceptions, while "before" the norm was 8 ohms. In addition, there are much better components for sale. Why didn't Quad make these modifications? Partly this was done, Quad still exists, and produce modern products which meet all requirements, our motto; What used to be good is still good, brings us to adapting that "old" equipment to modern times. This also prevents equipment from ending up early in the bin. Instead of making all kinds of modifications to existing printed circuit boards, JPE produces complete modules for a number of models that are placed in the existing chassis.


Sometimes parts have to be recreated or we place alternatives that influence originality. This is always done in consultation with the customer. When it comes to restoration, also consider the "simple" feature of a new layer of lacquer on the cabinet.

Service & guarantee

We will do everything possible to keep your equipment working, but with equipment of at least 20 years old a number of other rules apply. A guarantee can only be given for the work performed, not the complete operation of a device. Research and all transport and packaging costs are also not covered by the guarantee.

Search & buy

We can also do a search for the equipment, purchase it and then restore or modify it. For many customers it is difficult to assess whether they are purchasing the right thing. We can mitigate these concerns. To avoid mutual disappointments, good agreements are the basis of these transactions.

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